Below is archieve of MANAD activities sorted by Years. Latest activities automatical float to the top. This page is frequently updated with new activities every quartery so please visit our site again...


2017 will be a busy year for MANAD, especially that capacity building of MANAD with funding FAD is comming to an END and new project is expected to be rolled up in august. Do not miss out on our activities. To view 2017 activities please click here


Alot happened in 2016, notable biggest event was general assembly where new executive council was ushered in. To learn more click here go to 2016 preview ...


In this year MANAD was considered as a vibrant orgnisation , experienced exponetal growth as a result of ultmate streightening of it branches country wide. Click here

MANAD is thankful to the following donor and development partners which has made itpossible to carryout activities