DeafNET Africa Conference 2016, an International Conference on Deaf Education, took place from 26-30 September 2016, at the Premier Hotel, O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme of the Conference was: “Deaf Education” - Empowering Deaf persons in Africa through knowledge.

The conference aimed at discussing Deaf Education and the topic covered included the following:

    • Early Childhood Development
    • Deaf Literacy and Numeracy: challenges and teaching practices
    • Deaf Education/communication in the Digital Age
    • Higher Education for Deaf students in Africa: Achievements and Challenges
    • Vocational and occupational training/Careers/Employment of Deaf persons
    • Deaf and/or Disabled: Debates and dilemmas
    • Health and Wellbeing of Deaf learners/ Students

    Malawi was represented by Mr. Blessings Phiri and Ms. Fanny Singini (inset photo) who were sponsored by the event organizers the Deafnet and MANAD through the FAD project supported them with registration fees and a small upkeep allowance. The other deaf people from Malawi who attended the event with support from other donors were –

      • Mr. Sekerani Kufakwina  supported by MANAD friends in Scotland
      • Mr. Malonje Phiri supported by FEDOMA
      • Mr. Harold Chinamale self sponsored