Who are we

MANAD is an association of the Deaf people in Malawi, formed in 1992. Some of its core objectives are to develop indigenous Malawi Sign Language based on the cultural aspects and means of communications among the Deaf people in the country; to serve as an advocate of the Deaf, and study and implement policies having direct impact on the welfare and interests of the deaf people.

Mission statement

bannerMANAD exists to empower Deaf people to improve their own lives through promotion of sign language, attainment of their full rights and respect in society they live in. MANAD builds the capacity of the deaf and their branches and stimulates collaborative ventures between organisations working towards deaf issues. We are a dedicated and transparent membership organisation that uses the insights obtained through our being deaf to inspire and to mobilise Deaf people to advocate and lobby for improved services, participation and inclusion in a day to day social life.


"A society in which Deaf people enjoy the highest quality of life".


  • To promote Malawi Sign Language as a means of communication.
  • To advocate for the rights, interest and welfare of the Deaf people.
  • To build the capacity of Deaf people to claim, access, enjoy and defend their rights.
  • To build a critical coalition of individuals, national and international Organizations, interest groups and others to have a sustained agenda on the rights, interest and welfare of Deaf people.

Who is a Deaf person

Some people describe a Deaf person as "DUMB." This is an offensive term. We must note that the lexicographically, word "dumb" refers to Deaf person who is permanently unable to speak. Deaf people are not dumb at all. They are capable of communicating albeit using special mode of communication, "Sign Language".

The concept or meaning of Hearing Impairment is defined differently by different people. Some define "deafness or hearing impairment" as inability to hear. But some go further adding linguistic problems to it. Thus "deafness is the hearing disability that precludes a person from successful processing of linguistic information through audition with or without a hearing aid."