Our Achievements

Training of the Deaf trainers

MANAD conducted two week training for the Deaf Trainers of the Deaf (13 TDTs). These trainers proved vital. Their core duty is to open branches, mobilize Deaf people in questions of human rights, Deaf awareness and Deaf culture, importance of sign language usage, Deaf advocacy work and organizational development.

Opening of affiliate branches

MANAD has 28 operational branches throughout the country. Increased membership Since its inception, MANAD’s deaf membership has grown steadily. Membership number is more than 2,000.

Leadership training

Affiliate district branches are led by trained Deaf personals who act as resource person. Each district has 2 leaders who are supported by local committees.

Staff training

6 staff to receive training in Project Management, Accounting and Proposal writing skills March, 2011. MANAD Offices. Consultants from private firms and Office staff.

Sign Language (SL) instructors trainings

MANAD can afford wealth of 23 SL instructors. They conduct sign language training classess and sessions to the general public.

Women working group

Deaf women group was formed to serve the interests of Deaf women in Malawi in matters pertaining to economic empowerment, HIV and AIDS, violence against women and human rights.

Carrying out of Deaf Awareness Campaigns and sensitizations

Carrying out Deaf awareness campaigns and sensitizations in many districts across the country.

Carrying out International Deaf Week

International Deaf Week every year since 2009.

Attending the WFD Congress

Every four years, MANAD sends its members to attend World Deaf Congress

Sharing of the information

Sharing of the information about the development of MANAD with other NGOs and donors in Malawi and abroad.

HIV and AIDS education and information campaign

MANAD trained 21 doctors and nurses from Malawi’s major hospital Kamuzu Central Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and produced HIV and AIDS education materials like posters. Carried out outreach activities where Deaf children at Maryview and Mountainview Schools for the Deaf together with Deaf communities at Bangwe Weaving Factory and students at secondary schools, Mulanje and Thyolo.

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