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Below you will find usefull links to MANAD donors and working partners.

World Federation of the Deaf(WFD)

World Federation of the Deaf(WFD) was estabilished in Rome, Italy, in 1951. WFD's philosophy is one of equality, human rights and respect for all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and all other differences. For more information about WFD click here!go

The Finnish Association of the Deaf(FAD)

The Finnish Association of the Deaf(FAD) is advocancy, expert and service organisation. FAD is MANAD's development partner. Has been funding MANAD's organisational capacity building project since 2008. For more information about FAD click here!go

Federation of Disability Organisation in Malawi (FEDOMA)

FEDOMA was estabilished in 1999, its an umbrella body of disability organisation in malawi. For more information about FEDOMA click here!go

Deaf Action(DA)

Deaf Action(DA) is a scottish association of the deaf. deaf action mission is to raise awareness of the needs and right of deaf eople, challenge, discrimination, and provide services to promote independence and quality life. For more information about DA click here!go

Malawi Council for the Handcapped (MACOHA)

Malawi Council for the Handcapped (MACOHA) provides placement services to persons with disabilities so that they are able to secure, retain and advance in eployment both in public and private sectors. For more information about MACOHA click here!go