Following the introduction of MANAD branches nationwide, the association decided to strengthen the operation of the branches. Leadership training was done twice in 2010 and 2011. Each district has two leaders being supported by members of MANAD district committee

Core reasons for the leadership training

  • To implement MANAD’s missions and objectives at district grass root levels.
  • To market MANAD to many areas so that operations and services of MANAD is available countrywide.
  • To make Deaf people voice their concerns through locally based association and make them feel the sense of belonging.
  • To make MANAD collaborate with the district social welfare offices on the deaf issues and being as advocator of deaf rights in the districts.
  • To help counsel their fellow deaf people in the districts in matters that affect their daily lives.
  • To train their fellow Deaf people basic Sign Language communication at the district levels.

Leaders graduatesLeaders were equipped with skill in Sign Language communication skill; Deaf and human rights; in advocacy and resource mobilization; Support MANAD in implementing its agenda; Support processes for Domestication of the United Nations Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities. Other topics they learned were; Strengthen local branches of MANAD affiliates to ensure their participation in decentralized decision making structures and conducting open days on disability at district level.